About Me

Software Engineer
Colby College, Department of Computer Science
Computer Science Graduate, class of 2022


Northeastern University, Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Portland, ME Expected May 2024
Master of Science in Computer Science
Related courses: Programming Design Paradigm, Algorithms, Machine Learning

Colby College, Waterville, ME May 2022
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Related courses: Theory of Computation, Data Structures, Databases


C# (2 years)
Java (5 years)
C++ (1 year)
Python (5 years)
JavaScript (2 years)

MySQL (2 years)
MongoDB (2 years)

.NET (2 years)
HTML, CSS (3 years)
Angular (2 years)
Node.js (2 years)


Software Engineer, Contract, Portland, ME February 2024 – Present
• Spearheading the creation of a digital art display and marketplace as the lead engineer
• Employ PyQT5 widgets and GUI libraries to create a user-friendly and functional user interface
• Utilize SvelteKit for SEO and performance optimization by reducing external API response time to 0 milliseconds. External data is immediately available to end user
• Working with PostGRESQL for dynamic database type creation and future AI integration

Tilson Technology Management, Portland, ME July 2023 – January 2024
Software Engineer
• Utilized Visual Studio to upgrade dozens of enterprise codebases from .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 6.0 to .NET 7.0
• Refactored Azure Functions (AZF) to use isolated worker processes, achieved 30% start-time reduction
• Utilized xUnit QA framework to write all of Tilson’s unit tests
• Spun up mock servers on Postman with request examples to test proprietary APIs
• Employed Azure DevOps to set up continuous integration/deployment pipelines decreasing average codebase line count by 15%

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama May 2022 - August 2022
Software Engineer
• Worked with the Kaldi framework to deploy speech engine for underrepresented linguistic groups
• Utilized Docker to create and manage containers to test and modify the necessary Kaldi directories
• Utilized Travis CI for continuous integration and deployment, reduced bug occurences by 21%


Sentiment Analysis with Recurrent Neural Networks on CORAAL
• Visualized results of sentiment analysis on CORAAL data via Angular browser UI as opposed to Kaldi’s metadata files
• Employing sentiment analysis in the Kaldi LLM reduced transcription errors by 27%
• Wrote backend API to access CORAAL corpus’s hundreds of transcripts and interviews

Database Engineer, Colby College, Waterville, ME Fall 2021 – May 2022
• Designed SQL backend using MySQL to help Colby’s 1200 international students connect with graduated international alumni
• Implemented frontend site using PHP and HTML, providing a sleek user experience

Database Engineer, Colby College, Waterville, ME February 2022 - May 2022
• Spearheaded the task of choosing and developing database infrastructure for Colby’s INSITE lab to maintain new and existing functions and over 100 LIDAR images from “Spot”, Colby’s Boston Dynamics robotic guide dog
• Implemented MongoDB database on MongoAtlas reducing load on Colby’s in-house servers by 67%
• Communicated application architecture and possible future trends in community attitudes with other INSITE members via weekly sprint meetings


Music, Questbridge Scholar, Colby College Woodsmen, Data Analytics, History

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